Computer Researchers Are People (too)

International Multi-CONference on the Socio-Psychological Origins of Scientific Personnel

March 4th, 2010

(co-located with the EWSCS '10)


The emerging socio-economic, socio-psychologic and socio-networkologic trends are greatly affecting the behaviour of the average computer scientist. It has been widely established that one's personal experiences and ancestral environment strongly manifests in the directionality of the steps taken to barrage the horizons of our research with the elementary particles of fresh knowledge.

As the even more recent discoveries of the esteemed Dr. Wryzhkhatofowski show, we are in dire need of at least superabundant threshold-breaking amounts of empiric data to support the massive neural network mining effort to construct the paradigm of the Ideal Computer Scientist.

This year's CRAPCON taps into the collective psyche of the computer science community by gathering the leading experts of the field to present their lifelong experiments on growing a faster, brighter and socially capable computer scientist.

Topics of interest

The conference intends to cover all aspects of the abovementioned research area. The potential topics include, but are not limited to nor restricted by:

The conference website is:

Call for Presentations

Researchers of all areas and ages are welcome to submit their results in the form of an oral presentation given at the conference site in front of the worldwide CRAPCON community.

The presentation duration is expected to fail in the range of 2 to 10 minutes.

Conference Venue

The conference will be hosted in the restaurant of Park Hotel Palmse.

Preliminary Schedule

March 4th (Thursday)
18:30 - 19:30Dinner session
20:00 - 20:05Welcome session
20:05 - 20:45
Plenary session
20:45 - 21:30 Student session
21:30 - 21:40Closing session

Program Committee

Local Organizing Committee