Contemporary Research Awards at Palmse
The Contemporary Research Awards at Palmse are the most sought after awards in Palmse and reward people for that very word 'contemporary research'.
Awards recognise excellence and exceptional performance. If we look back 35 years we would never have expected or imagined the technological advancements that have been made in Palmse.
The awards will be presented at the Contemporary Research Awards night on Wednesday 5th March 2008. Attended by less than 1,000 guests, the evening is a superb opportunity to entertain VIPs, business partners and important clients.
This year is no different. However, what can we expect during the next 35 years? ... Can we expect the unexpected?
On behalf of the Award Committee,
Krzystof Wryzhkhatofowski
The web page for CRAPCON ’07 is at
The final award diplomas can be seen here.